Guelph Auto – Brakes

The braking system of a vehicle allows for controlled braking and can be of several types, typically either drum or disc. The drum brake system consists of a wheel cylinder, drum, shoes, and hardware. A disc brake system consists of the rotor, brake pads, caliper, and hardware. Disc brakes work when fluid goes into the caliper and pushes against the piston, clamping the brake pads against the rotor. Drum brakes work when fluid is forced into the wheel cylinder, which pushes the wheel shoes out and presses the friction lining against the inside of the drum. Brake friction components wear out over time and need to be replaced.

Another important part of the system is brake fluid, which should be chosen correctly as per the manufacturer’s specs to prevent brake failure.  The brake fluid travels from the master cylinder to the wheels through a series of steel tubes as well as reinforced rubber hoses.


The antilock brake system is common in most vehicles. The antilock system prevents the brakes from locking up during emergency braking. The system works by “pulsing” the brakes and releasing and applying them if they are locked by the operator of the vehicle. This provides better braking in an emergency rather than the brakes being locked up.  The parts in a typical ABS system are wheel speed sensors, an electronic control unit and an ABS pump.  If there is a problem with this system, your ABS warning light illuminates.

We at Guelph Auto Parts offer a wide variety of top quality brake parts from suppliers such as AC Delco and Raybestos.  We also have more economical brands, such as RS Parts.


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