Guelph Auto - Suspension And Steering

Is your vehicle’s handling getting loose or your ride getting rough? It’s time to look at your suspension and steering components. The suspension system in your vehicle handles uneven roadways and smooths the ride for its passengers. When not in good working order, your ride becomes uncomfortable. 

The main components of a suspension system consist of the springs, shocks or struts (dampers), anti-sway bars and control arms. There are several different types of springs including coil springs, which are metal coils designed to absorb the motion of the wheels.  For larger vehicles such as trucks and vans, leaf springs are used, which are strips of metal that are layered together. Another style of suspension is the torsion bar, which has a metal bar that acts as a spring in the system to absorb the wheel motion.

The steering system is also very important for the operation of the vehicle since loose steering can dramatically alter the way your vehicle handles. Most modern vehicles use power steering to make steering the vehicle easier. There are two types of steering systems, rack and pinion and steering gear.  Common steering components include the steering gear or rack and pinion, idler arms, pitman arms and tie rod ends.

Most manufacturers recommend replacing your suspension components at 100,000 kilometres. We offer Monroe shocks and struts, along with AC Delco and Moog suspension and steering components.  Monroe also offers quick strut assemblies which can significantly reduce the amount of time and labour required to replace worn suspension.
We have lots of inventory to make sure your vehicle gets back on the road the same day. We pride ourselves on always having brakes and suspension pieces in stock for a wide variety of vehicles.


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